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Can Muslims actually Assimilate ? Vol 64

January 29, 2015

If you remember when Bill Cosby was funny, you must be a Boomer !

When you look at the news today, one has to wonder if Muslims can assimilate out of their conservative religion, and into a liberal society. Killings in Canada, the Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre, lone wolf attacks in the US, and the full EU on terrorist alert could give one the impression that the answer has to be a resounding no.

Any analysis of the Quran would confirm that it would be improbable, if not impossible, for a good Muslim to assimilate in the West. For example, socially, his allegiance to Allah forbids him from making friends outside of his religion. We are infidels, unbelievers. While we all know that many religions, including Christians, live throughout the Middle East, I am sure that some type of friendship must occur. Otherwise, neighbour would be killing neighbour every day. Bigots can point to the “no go” zones in many EU countries, and the concentration of Muslims in certain neighbourhoods in our cities, but is this really different than what happened to the Irish many years ago, or other waves of immigrants. I think not. I hope not.

Politically, Muslims are supposed to submit to the mullahs, who can speak of the destruction of Israel and the United States, the Great Satan. Thankfully, most of the Muslim leaders in the West seen to understand that, since their religion is not under attack, is even greatly respected, their message has to be one of personal belief, of understanding the Quran does not preach violence. Yes, radicalization of their young is occurring, but I choose to believe that this type of acting out happens in all cultures, and that we are all guilty of producing malcontents.

It is instructive to note that a few lone wolves, using radical slogans from ISIL or other groups, have our whole society questioning our freedoms. Unbelievable. In the USA alone, we kill each other with guns thousands of time a year, yes hundreds of times more than the lone wolves have killed. Yet we get in a sweat about a few maladjusted nutbar fanatics. We can’t control the gang events in Chicago, so why try to control a few hundred kids in the whole country ? Let it go …

Remember, ISIL, among other groups, needs to recruit to stay alive and grow. If they were that popular in the region, they would have no problem filling their quote of future body bags, but they can’t, so they need to recruit from afar. Imagine if we just ignored them, treated their situations like we treat a drunk driver incident ? A quick news flash, a shaming ritual perhaps, then nothing. But I digress.

Religiously, scripturally, and intellectually, my fictional Muslim must follow the teachings of the Quran. So, he can not accept any system based on the bible, like our laws and legal process, and our various constitutions. He must follow the five Pillars of Islam, as no other religion is accepted by his Prophet except Islam. This sounds pretty ironclad.

Philosophically, Islam and the Quran seem to disallow any freedom of religion or expression. Democracy then can not co-exist with Islamic faith. I guess allowing everyone a vote would be outlawed, and might explain why most of the Muslim countries in the Middle East are governed by dictators or autocratic families. It make you wonder how Indonesia escaped the fate of their Muslim brother and sisters.

The point is that many Muslims are assimilating to the West. It takes some time to adjust to a life of freedom, usually a generation or two, the same as the other immigrants took, whether they were Polish, Irish, or Chinese, just to name a few. They start out in tribal neighbourhoods which have their houses of worship, social areas where their language is accepted, where they can get the food of their homeland, and where they can get jobs, a start in a new life. Sound familiar ?

Its not a surprise that a few of their young have trouble fitting in. Their Boomer parents fled a bad place, and it must be terrible to see one of their main reasons for going through the risks and expense of emigrating, a better life for their kids, wasted when they become radicalized.

So, why leave all you know ? Because of the trump card that beats all the theoretical reasons mentioned above, economics. Yes, money, that great magnet. Its as old as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The Muslim world is an ecological disaster, with no water, no more cultivatable land, and no hope. Pray all you want, but any wealth is owned by a few families, and they are not about to give it up. The result is no common good, even if the Quran calls for it. No ownership of problems, no ruling class doing the right stuff for their citizens. Just the daily hammering home of religion, used to keep society in their place. Just look at Iraq, Syria, or Gaza ! Why would you stay if you had any chance to leave ?

So, I believe that Muslims can assimilate, just like my Irish grandfather did. Yes, we can try to make it easier on them and any future immigrants, by incorporating the lessons our forefathers learned, and in most cases I believe we are. I also strongly believe that people who leave a negative place seeking a positive, better life for themselves and their families are just the right kind of people we should welcome with open arms. While perfection is something to always be striving for, lets not let a few bad apples tar the whole barrel ! After all, its not where you came from, its who you become that counts on this moral and mortal coil.

Next on Boomers – WTF ! , investing lessons for Boomers, cause we need them ?

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