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Thank God for the CIA Vol 61

December 16, 2014

If you remember who Deep Throat was, you must be a Boomer !

Torture vexes me, for a lot of reasons. Moral, legal, fundamental, caloric, political, on almost all fronts I could use to talk about torture, it vexes me. Context. Its a grown-up word. Its a Boomer word. Its a dangerous word, used to explain or justify almost anything. As a Boomer, I have used context many time with my children, and friends, especially to extricate myself from a moral argument. After all you can’t call your kids stupid !

So, with the latest Democratically controlled US Senate Intelligence Committee report on the use and results of the CIA’s torture’s techniques and “actionable intelligence”, we are faced with the context of dealing with the ugly side of war. Yes, it is a great thing that a democracy can deal with its ugly side in public. I love that our allies hide behind our unburdening of our quilt, like a confessional, like it frees us from the consequences, like the Hague will never come calling, because look, we admit our guilt, but after all, we are better that the bad guys !

Politically, when did we lose our balls ? Did I miss the great sucking sound of our testicles being sucked back into our body politic. Torture is what we do to our intractable enemies, those fucks who don’t get it, who hide behind their mommies skirts, who feign ignorance then pull an AK47 or plant IED’s, who kill friendlies. Those guys, who use social media to sell their message with beheadings. They should consider themselves lucky. Personally, I would just send them to a super max prison, and promise a pardon to whomever got us “actionable intelligence” first. Lets use real experts to extract information, if you ask me !

Yes, does torture work is a whole question in itself. As Boomers who have seen every cop show ever made, we know torture works, otherwise, there is no way they could fit a crime investigation into an hour, allowing for commercials. Seriously, we believe in people wanting to preserve their life. Nothing is worth giving up a lifetime of prison for a crime. Its a fabric of our socialization that love of life trumpets all. Its why the current discussion on euthanasia is so unsettling. How can they not understand the value of life ? Waterboarding, rectal replenishment, testicular shock, or god knows whatever else Dick Cheney was good at, it would easily convince me to give up whatever ! Perhaps we should take into consideration that the types of people who would know the operational details for the 911 bombings, zealots all, would be willing to give their lives for the cause. Unlike you or me. Torture is a known, a willing end if captured. Legally, is this the reason we never saw them, the Guantanamo detainees, in court ? Someone who agrees they are guilty, who would love the media storm their testimony would produce, sacrificing everything for a chance to sell their cause globally ?

Calorically, we must acknowledge that we treat our food better than we treat our political adversaries. Would you rather be an ISIL fighter in Iraq, or a chicken in America ? Both have a short life expectancy. Both are used for a purpose outside their control. Both live in a war zone, and both expect a short life expectancy. I wonder if a chicken is reminded of the virgins he will get upon death ? My vegan daughter, when informed that the upcoming family Christmas dinner menu included chicken, salmon, and beef, wondered how we could have possibly missed pork, was reminded that the beans dish had bacon. Her disgust was apparent when she asked me if we could kill any other animals in the name of Jesus ? Context again. So, this Christmas season, lets remember how we raise our food, in cages, with needles, force feedings, genetically modified.
To eat is to fundamentally understand the hell we put our food thru.

Religiously, we homo sapiens have always tortured. Religious convocations, the Spanish Inquisitions, the Crusades, lets agree on the past, and work to narrow its future use.

Morally, we want our society to progress, to improve, to treat our citizens better, to strive for a world in which we all reach our potential, whether you are a rich world male, or a poor girl from Africa. How we do this is the presumptive struggle of today. The outliers who want us to take a backward step, to delay our overall progress, to wallow in the mire, they need re-education. Yes, this path is a dream, but those wanting to change the path need to be talked to, to have their vision changed. Violence is always going to be a form of negotiation, but it should only be allowed of the aims are relevant. Destroying things just because, well, like a serial killer, sometimes we need to use the same techniques we use with our food stock, and eliminate the sick, for the betterment of the overall herd. Society speaks, and as long as you had a hearing, you must live with the consequences.

To some, I must sound like a death penalty apologist. Not completely true. While I agree with using the death penalty in certain circumstances, lets agree that sometimes citizens prove their unworthiness of life. Better for those souls to start over than endure a life of hell on earth. Who is being more moral, I ask you ?

In the end, what must not forgotten is that the CIA has one major goal – to keep regional wars, which they can try to stop, from becoming world wars. To this end, we can argue with their methods, but in any context, the result has been perfect, so far.

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