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Hillary will not run ! Vol 58

November 22, 2014

If the child of your middle years is actually a small dog, you must be a Boomer !

Watching the US mid-term election cycle, Boomers should take away a few lessons on the future, lessons that will have an impact on your planning – you are planning, right ! Seeing most of the geographic US of A turn Republican red was amazing. It seemed to me that the only patches of Democratic blue were in the cities. I understand that population wise, most of our people now live in cities – its a western phenomenon that allows for the citizens to get more services more efficiently, find more jobs, get better educated, and find mates easily.

But it was not only the Senate races that were affected. Congress, State Governors, down to local county leaders were overwhelmingly Conservative winners. Don’t forget, Canada is also conservative, the UK is in a conservative coalition, and the EU is seeing the rise of right wing voters. Why ?

First, this was a repudiation of Obama, on many levels. The US is now a 50%/50% country, and will remain one until 2016. When one side gets their way for a while, the other side gets their turn. Stable changes in power is a mainstay of our democracy, something the Middle East has to learn. Liberalism has run amok for 6 years, with no improvements in the race wars, a soft foreign policy, and Obamacare, a new huge social program that continues the intrusive nature of big brother into our everyday lives. Yeah, we voted for a Black man, but he fails to inspire us, or fix things like immigration. Lesson learned.

As a backgrounder, people get the rights they can afford. In past times, we did not have the wealth to afford things like women’s rights, gay benefits, the ability to sue anyone or everyone, or universal health care. You just have to look around the world to see other clans struggling with citizens wanting more, and not having the wealth to provide these benefits. In this light, one could look at Obamacare as the latest afforded benefit. That said, its time to stop with the handouts, and earn some more wealth, before attempting to spend money we do not have. In past blogs, I have equated this process to having a speeding train, an economic train, that when it has sufficient speed, can take on new passengers, or baggage. This weight slows down the economy, I mean the train, and spending must stop to allow the train to gather more steam, to create more wealth. We are in the passenger full / slowdown phase, and are struggling to gather steam again. An economic cycle, perhaps too simplified.

Second, this spells the end of Hillary’s chances. She will look at the political environment, and see that she has no chance of winning on a progressive ticket, and will see that becoming a centrist will not sufficiently separate her from the next Republican candidate. Taking her age and health into consideration, she will not run – if she does run, she will lose.

Third, how long will the US treat Latino’s like new age slaves ?All of the workers need to be on an equal footing, with equal rights and protections. Using all those illegal immigrants, needing them to perform jobs that otherwise would go undone, and not acting on their status will hurt the Democrats. Latino’s are conservative by nature, and when, not if, the Republican’s get their immigration act together, or at least act to take this issue out of the next election, they will win enough votes to dominate the election.

How long will the Blacks keep giving their votes to the Democrats and get only hand-outs in return ? Remember the Romney 47% comment ? It came out as an insult, but the remark hit home. Again, like the Latino’s, many Blacks will realize that their lot in life has not appreciated much as they allowed themselves to be thought of as victims being helped up by progressives. Many will look for an alternative.

How many more social changes, after gay marriage, will be allowed to occur ? None. Liberals will continue their lifelong mission to find more victims and figure out programs to fix them. They can’t help it, it’s in their DNA. We can all guess at the next big benefit – my guess involves the climate – but whatever it is, it is a decade away. We are headed into a retrenchment period, a time of reflection, a consolidation, a Republican era.

The main reason the USA is a beacon to humanity is that it rewards risk takers. Most of society on the planet punishs risk takers as going against tradition. There is an order to things, and the elites don’t like giving up their share of the economic pie. The US, the last part of the planet to be ravaged by man, was set up to reward people who risked everything, starting with their lives as they endured the ocean voyage to emigrate. The continent has so many riches, that the pie keeps getting bigger, allowing for the ebb and flow of creative destruction. Democrats naturally want to take some of these riches and build social safety nets, emulating Europe, lowering the reward portion of the risk equation – go ahead and try, and if you win we will tax your endeavours, and if you lose, we will cushion your fall. This mantra goes against the main credo of the country, and will cause Democrats to lose. Lesson learned ?

So, your future planning scenarios should include lower taxes, stable government, less hand-outs or fixed benefits, and a focus on you owning your own future prosperity.

Next on Boomers – WTF !, what’s your credo ?

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