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Should we let ISIS live ? Vol 52

October 9, 2014

If you know that having money keeps your kids close, you must be a Boomer !

The nutbars currently calling themselves ISIS are rising, gaining strength and territory. They are getting governments around the world bent out of shape. They are stealing oil and selling it somewhere ( Russia ? ), kidnapping for profit, and otherwise getting funding from religious backers like Saudi Arabia. Kinda sounds like the Koch brothers and the Republican party.

It is fascinating to see conservative movements at work. History is filled with the successes of liberalism, starting with the dark ages, and it continues to gain strength as people realize that working together is the only way to a better life. Yes, its taken a while, but liberalism is slow moving, slow to take hold as a doctrine as people took time to get over the age old idea of instant gratification, cause there may not be a tomorrow, giving up small rewards today for larger rewards tomorrow. Valuing our kids is an offshoot of this thinking.

Liberalism is why we now teach our kids respect, so they will take care of us in our old age. Its why we send our kids to school, rather than put them to work in the fields or factory. Its why we believe that our society is judged by how we treat the weakest among us, not the strongest. Cooperative lessons are a mainstay of our civilization. postponed gratification its guidepost.

Nipping at our heels is conservatism, a belief system rooted in the status quo, he who has keeps, what worked yesterday will work tomorrow, change is scary and stressful, I am too old to learn new tricks, fuck the weak. You get the general idea.

ISIS represents a very conservative movement, clothed in religious rhetoric, asking only to stay the course, and keep the status quo. Interestingly, you only have to look at the rewards offered to be an ISIS fighter, lots of virgins in the afterlife, to see how the uneducated would follow the logic ! Personally, I hope the educated recruits from the West joined ISIS for more emotional reasons, because we failed them if they believe in the sex dream. A few years in high school should have fixed that.

The point is that ISIS shows us the weakness of the past. Some argue that the real issue is climate control. The major problem in Syria was. and remains, the lack of water, resulting in drought and no food. Scarcity drove the farmers to rebel, and Assad to deal with an unworkable problem. California is going through the same drought conditions, and we will see who is more humane in their response to a lack of basic needs in their population.

So perhaps ISIS is a protector ? One must consider why it garners so many followers. Their success is for a reason, perhaps many reasons, so we should figure these reasons out, study them, and reflect on why they exist.

Consider the importance of education, as noted above. ISIS only believes in religious education. Aside from its recruits, who are educating the next generation of Arab dentist’s ? Will we ever see ISIS on the moon, or performing brain surgery ? The message seems to be that a lack of education leads to recruitment, to feeling wanted when no one else wants them, when the young boys feel that there is no other path forward. They see only starvation, no jobs, no future. Sounds like the Chicago gang wars. Who failed these people ?

ISIS is one of many groups that do not believe in women’s empowerment. Boko Haram, that Nigeria rebel group that kidnapped those hundreds of young girls to do their chores, is an example of the lack of respect those men feel for women. They are a great example of how not to treat 50% of your population. Thanks ISIS !

Politically, ISIS will wind up pulling Iran into the real world. It can’t be a pariah anymore, stuck in its own insular view of the world. Iran will have to venture out, stop acting covertly in Syria and Iraq, or risk seeing all of their Shiite proxies fall. Iran will need allies to fight off the Sunni’s, before they come to some accommodation with their religious cousins. Thanks ISIS !

The sectarian wars in the Middle East will help keep China bottled up regionally – they don’t want any part of fixing this mess, even though they need the Arab oil more than the West. Seeing the trouble the US gets into, China will talk tough with Japan and South Korea, but want no part of using force to start a conflict.

Ecologically, the wasteland that is now Syria in instructive on what a population will do when its survival is threatened. Its Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs at work. History is littered with great civilizations that overstayed their geographical footprint, gobbling up resources without considering sensible pragmatic solutions that would have helped everyone effected. Way to go ISIS !

Lastly, and hopefully most importantly, ISIS is showing the famed Arab Street the result of doing nothing – millions of refugees, buildings being bombed back to the stone age, no economy, no education, no future. All because of a few Wahhabi fanatics…

So maybe we should let ISIS live, as the example they are setting, the benefits of their actions, greatly outweigh the damage they, and groups like them, are doing to us. It may take a white, but Muslims will soon realize the destructive path they are on, and seek an alternative. Of this, I am optimistic. If not, then they are destined to be remembered by us as a sad peoples. If the conflagration continued indefinitely, it will only be us that remembers, as they will have destroyed their civilization.

Next on Boomers – wtf !, what happens when Whites no longer get to run things !

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