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Where are the Black DREAMERS ? Vol 48

September 2, 2014

If you find yourself looking more and more at the obits, you must be a Boomer !

Occasionally, we fight amounst ourselves. Like any family, clan, or tribe, its up to leadership to eventually wade in, institute a stop to the argument, and find an equitable solution. Sometimes, this means one side loses, but eventually these types of decisions even themselves out, and all parties benefit from the rule of law.

True, sometimes an argument can not be fixed, and the family breaks apart. This usually occurs for a valid reason, an understandable but unforgivable reason, and life goes on. A divorce over an affair is an example of a family breakup. A dispute over succession is a clan’s reason for a breakup, and a dispute over what ( or whom ) to believe is a society’s reason for conflict.

Looking at Ferguson, the Michael Brown shooting, and the subsequent riots confuses me. As a white man, I get the police potentially being criminally guilty of the killing – let the facts come out in due course – but the resulting riots and race questions are unacceptable in our society.

I say this to start a conversation, something everyone seems to want but no-one will start with a list of questions. Why is this ? President Obama talks around the event, but does not list the issues that drive this situation. Why not ? Al Sharpton pontificates on the need for reconciliation, but not the solutions to the underlying problems. Why, since he has no other agenda, is he skirting the facts ? Can someone help me understand the issues and potential solutions, because we are wasting a lot of time and energy on this, and its completely counterproductive for us as a society.

Imagine what ISIS thinks when we have riots in our streets, gun deaths in the thousands, and even a 9 year old girl being shown how to use a Uzi submachine pistol ? Either they think we are crazy ( when would a girl have access to a Uzi ), or completely out of control. Hopefully, they see crazy. In any event, the best antidote to ISIS is to have all Muslims see that the west has the type of society that can lead by example, that any sane person would wish to be part of.

Seriously, numerous commentators seem to be skirting the problem. How can we try to fix the issues if we can not have a conversation about them ? I understand that it might be a generational fix, but there has to be a path forward. I can tell you that blaming the white man is a non starter. Latino’s, Asian communities, and other immigrant groups come to North America because of the society we have built. That includes the largest melting pot of cultures on the planet, one of the main reasons why America is so well respected. Really, I am tired of being blamed for things I can not control.

The other non starter is what Bill O’Reilly of Fox News calls “grievance, grievance, grievance, money, money, money. We spend enough on social programs today as it is. Now, if someone were to come up with a solution that cost something, great, find me a program that does not work ( all of them today ! ), and let’s try it. Otherwise we may all wind up like that 35 year white bigoted Ferguson Police veteran who was captured on a video describing black domestic situations. His best solution, based on his experience, was for one spouse to shoot the other …

Is it a fascination with drugs, or are they mostly an escape ? So many Black single mom’s, is that because of a defect in Black men, or some time lost clan impulse ? Why are most failed schools in black neighbourhoods ? Is it the pupils fault, or the teachers fault ? How do we fix this ? Is it job discrimination, whitey holding down everyone else ? Is it ego ? Are Blacks just not emotionally built to survive in today’s world of speed and technology ? Why isn’t our Black President doing more to solve the problem, or is Obamacare really a major step forward, but he can’t discuss its real implications because of the political ramifications ? Why do we have to have Black hyphenated anything – what is a Black American and why would you want to be part of that clan ? We do not hear of Latino-Americans, Asian-Americans, or Indian-Americans – they want to be Americans. This not to downplay their culture(s). But being part of the melting pot is its own reward. Are there too many Blacks, perhaps ?

These are hard and sometimes stupid questions, but we must all agree that we need to discuss them. According to various studies, the latest one from Harvard and Tuffs, Blacks have much less net worth that whites, earn 40% less, and have a lower life expectancy. WTF, indeed !

Whites will soon be a minority on this continent, and then maybe we will see the effect of being a minority up close and personal. Until then, it behooves us to work on all of our problems, and fix them as quickly as possible.

Our biggest problem today is Ebola, and its continued spread. Surely, if we can mobilize to stop the potential next black plague, we can come together to change the black experience towards a positive outcome.

Next on Boomers – wtf !, why failing fast means success !

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