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Boomers – the What vol11

November 2, 2012

It seems to me that the Boomer brand is under attack these days, from everywhere. Personally, I believe that the worst attack is coming from within. Its not a question of what happened, but of what is happening that has me stunned !

Greetings. I am Tom Hunter, a Boomer, 57, married with kids, and am semi-retired.

 And most importantly, I am searching for some answers. This blog is about asking for your help, in trying to solve the greatest riddle of our generation – where do we go from here ?

 Don’t worry, I am not asking for money, just your thoughts and ideas, a real discussion as we search for a path forward.

 Lets start at the beginning, and define the issue ( cause that what we Boomers do right ? ).

 Most of my friends and I went through the same life pattern that I believe most Boomers went through:

Phase 1 – up to adolescence, maybe through school …

Phase 2 – up to  retirement, those 30 years where you busted your ass to be successful

 Phase 3 – 45 to 65, the classic Boomer cohort, of which I am in the middle at 57

           When your parents start dying

            When you realize that you won’t become CEO

            When you start counting the days ( years ) left until retirement

            When the kids leave home, at least for the first time, hopefully launched

           When your back, or knee, or something starts to kill your favorite game or pastime

When you all of a sudden realize: That you have a “hole in your soul”!

At this point who cares about phase 4 !

 It’s a complete surprise , this hole. Up until now, It must have been covered up, hidden away, somehow minimized,

 After all, we are very pleased with our life accomplishments, right !!

            Survived growing up

            Got married,  raised a family, paid our bills

            Worked our ass off to buy a house, and give our kids a great start to their life

            Worked hard at keeping the wife happy

            Mostly had a fun career

            Traveled, saw some of the world

            Mostly played, sometimes watched

            Discussed the important topics of our day with friends

All of a sudden, this list seems like less that it did just a short while ago

What the hell happened ? Where did this hole come from ? I am not religious, so its not that. Was it always there and I was just not prepared to see it ? If so what happened to bring it into view, and why is it so judgmental ? Can I push it back to wherever it came from ?  Why does this perspective , this hole, seem so deep ?

First thought, of course is who can I blame for this. Which by the way, only seems to grow the size of the hole.  I know …

Maybe I ignore it with booze ?

Can I cover it with drugs ?

Perhaps I can medicate it away

I know, I will fill it with food !!!

Boomers, I am sure everyone has their guilt trips, their skeletons in the closet, their little secrets, but as a generation, we now seem to be measuring our accomplishments, our path, our expectations, and it seems to me, we have arrived, or are arriving, en mass ( and we are the largest mass in history ), at a point where we are filling in our report card, and we are not happy with the scores.

What have we really done to the planet

What have we done to give our kids all this debt

Why is the future so great medically, but so scary financially

Why can’t our politicians tell us the truth

Why is TV so boring

When did our teachers become babysitters

Why do diets not work for me

This blog is about looking for answers, together, because that is how we will be judged. I am no expert, and this is not a beat-up  – I have this hole too, so beating me up will not solve my dilemma. Lets stop navel-glazing, agree that there are a few roadblocks to our way, some hard discussions we need to have, but lets always work towards a goal of Positive thinking and Positive results only, alright ? Maybe that report card I mentioned above was really only our midterm ?

Perhaps just getting off the couch and going for a walk around the neighborhood, smelling the roses as it were, could be a start. Try that, and let me know if it helped.

Next post, lets put this into an appropriate historical perspective, so we can agree on a framework for discussion – to start thinking about what to do going forward, on

 Boomers… WTF !


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One Comment
  1. Martin Berrigan permalink

    Mr Hunter,

    Interesting blog. Hope it catches on. The boomer generation has a lot to get of our chest and maybe this will provide an avenue.

    So some quick points. TV is boring because it is not real life and it is barely real entertainment. Every once in a while ok but really other than sports and news what is TV good for? If it can make you laugh or understand history or allow you to escape for an hour or so ok – but what more do you expect!?

    Kids and the planet will be a subject for another day if you keep the blog up, because it is a little
    too big to handle in my first comment.

    I would like to discuss the hole you and most boomers feel _ whether they admit it or not. I think you need to understand it as a transition and the effects it has on your psych, on your body and on your relationships. Remember when we were Masters of the Universe? we were aggressively looking to rule the world. When we were on top of the new technology, the new ideas, the new job generating reality, the government, the financial markets and maybe even the new dance steps at the local club.

    Well now most of us are are loosing control. We are looking to “retirement” which is a nice way to say you are being put out to pasture. It is a next step on the way to the slaughter house. Others are eating our lunch and supper!! But we are tired and deserve a pleasant rest of life. Maybe your hole is because you wouldn’t know what it means to lay back relax and have a pleasant day.

    Not sure what to do about it but maybe we need to fill the “hole” inside with the “fire in the belly” that used to drive us to taking risks, be a player and live with the consequences of our actions. Do something for the community or the family (if the finances are in order). Take a chance on creating a better future for our children – even if it puts our pleasant life at risk.

    Couch potato, going for a walk, medical/health concerns – yes we need to take care of these and do the right thing, but they are not a purpose of our lives, they are essentials to stay alive. So what is so important to us that we should stay alive?

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